Vietnam Day 4


Today we went on the Tien Tien boat tour with Juliette and Jean. We started the morning going to the Tri Nguyen aquarium, and I do not recommend going there. The barren glass tanks were way too small for some of the giant beasts that lived there. The fish also looked really unhealthy, with many of them having cloudy eyes, not a good sign. So, save your money and avoid the aquarium, the ocean offers a much better view of its creatures anyway.

Next, we went to Mun Island. There, we went snorkeling for a bit. The reef was pretty small, but there were quite a few fish there, a couple of parrot fish were floating around, a trumpet fish stayed close to the sandy bottom, and a huge school of tiny silver fish darted around, trying to avoid the foreign bodies. Sitting in the water near the shore was really nice, just going with the ebb and flow of the waves.


On the way to our next stop we ate an interesting lunch, there was a mix of seafood, what looked like beef, and some of the yummiest tofu I have had in Asia so far. Then we arrived to a place near Mot Island, just off of the dock, next to the aquaculture farm. There the fun really started. There was a small drum set, electric guitar and a bass on the boat, and one of our guides put on quite a show as he dressed in drag and sang to us. He even took B on stage and tried to give him a smooch. B sang, “I love you more than words can say” with “Obama”, it was a legendary performance. I especially liked the part where he groped B and tried to pull his shorts up.


Our new friend Obama, as he has been named by visitors for his likeness to the Pres, told us there are some good opportunities to teach English in Nha Trang, more than in Saigon, which is pretty saturated with English teachers. He said we could rent a nice house for about $70 per month and just teach out of it. Sounds like an excellent idea, and I love Nha Trang more than words can say, so I am sold. After the music ended, they set up a floating bar in the water, we jumped in and enjoyed a few drinks while we floated around in some foam rings, cheers-ing all of our new friends.

Our last stop was Stone Beach, aptly named as it is a very stony beach. We drank some beer and skipped some rocks, well I tried anyway, but B and Jean are much better than me. Then we sat down to share a bottle of wine with a small group of Russians who live in Vietnam. They were really nice, and the conversation was as well. We found out that in Russia, it is customary for the groom to carry his bride across seven bridges that run over water. Seven because the number is lucky, but why bridges over water? “I don’t know!” The man replied. We smiled, rose our glasses, and took a drink together.


On the way back to town, Obama brought me on stage for a rendition of “My heart will go on” as we embraced at the front of the ship, and as I tried to keep him from lifting my dress up in front of everyone. After I had fully embarrassed myself, he let me go.

Later, we went to the small carnival set up along the beach. At first glance, it appeared to be closed, but we were in luck, it was open for business. We bought two tickets, one for the Ferris wheel and one for the dragon. Since we were the only people there, we got the longest dragon ride ever. It was a blast, even though I think the ride is for little kids (my legs barely fit under the bar). I felt like the park had been closed just for us. It was fun to pretend anyway.


We finished the evening with an authentic meal at a Vietnamese place along the beach. I had Pho (even though it is mostly eaten for breakfast, but I had been craving it all day) and fried rice, and B had coconut BBQ chicken. We left satiated and happy, and returned to HaVan for our last night of sleep in this wonderful beachside town.20111008-130752.jpg


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