Men kissing girls

There are many things I love about this city. One thing I have come to appreciate quite a bit are the video advertisements in the back of the taxis. One reason I love it is because it distracts me from the chaos going on around me, another is because sometimes they are really funny. The new Budweiser commercial about the accidental designated driver dance hit for example, is hilarious. The WOW commercials are pretty entertaining too, with the guys in their tights and pink shorts, yet I still have no clue what the ad is about. Last night I sunk into the overused cover of the taxi’s backseat, and awaited my entertainment.

First commercial, Budweiser, yes! Second commercial, a new one. A bunch of people kissing. One guy holding a guitar kisses a woman, who kisses a man, who kisses…a four year old blond girl?!? It wouldn’t be so bad if it was a little peck on the cheek, but this is a full-on, eyes closed kiss that lasts too long for comfort. The ad is for lip balm, which explains the kissing, but how does one explain the prolonged smooch between the twenty-something Chinese dude and the little Dutch girl?

I guess they may be taking their cues from the U.S., where shows like Toddlers and Tiaras rule the airwaves and magazines. In fact, the merchants here have been very quick to pick up on this, manufacturing Playboy wear for young girls (I mean like 3 or 4), stripper shoes and all. They even make shirts in size 4T that say, “SEXY!” These clothes are not meant for little Chinese girls, who seem to dress age appropriately (thankfully), these clothes are sold in the markets geared toward foreigners.

I hope I don’t see the trend of waxing young girls’ legs in the name of pageantry and or other exploitations explode here, to see China begin to publicly objectify their young girls. It’s just nice to be surrounded by a culture that has retained some sense of modesty.

The youth of China is pushing the envelope however, listening to (banned) Lady Gaga and expressing themselves through art and fashion. Please hear my plea, new and powerful generation of China, let your little girls be little girls.


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